Volunteering experience will help with finding a job

Volunteering experience will help with finding a job




The online portal Work in Russia is going to provide an opportunity to talk about the experience of volunteering.


RIA Novosti reports that Rostrud has put forward an initiative to add ‘participation in volunteer programmes’ to the portal in 2020.


‘The experience of volunteering is very important and is a strong characterising feature of the applicant,’ said Denis Vasiliev, Deputy Head of Rostrud, in a conversation with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


There is also a plan to combine Work in Russia and the system Volunteers of Russia in order to automatically take into account the applicants’ volunteer experience. The portal Work in Russia is a nationwide database of vacancies developed by the Federal Service for Labour and Employment; it works like most job search websites.


‘Why might an employer be interested in learning about the candidate’s volunteer experience? First of all, it speaks of a person’s personal qualities. For example, his or her level of empathy. In addition, participation in volunteer projects helps to develop a variety of skills, both professional and what is called soft skills. A medical volunteer can get medical practice, the ability to manage projects, and absorb communication skills,’ comments Artem Metelev, chairman of the Association of Volunteer Centres.


Metelev also notes that the ‘volunteer line’ may also appear on the job search portals SuperJob and HeadHunter.


Yuri Belanovsky, head of the Danilovtsy volunteer movement, appreciates the initiative in two ways.


‘On the one hand, companies are always interested in employees who have actively shown their civic responsibility. On the other hand, the employer will eventually come across the fact that the employee will not be able to stay after the working day or work at weekends, because he must be somewhere else: in the hospital, in the shelter. This is an evident paradox,’ Belanovsky told ASI.


He noted that if the line on volunteering on CVs is made mandatory, then in the short term this will encourage volunteering. In the long term, however, it could damage the quality of volunteer work as people volunteer not out of benevolence but for the sake their resume.


In July, plans were approved to support and develop volunteering up to 2025. In particular, they suggest educational programmes for people who want to become volunteers. Earlier, volunteers received access to the Volunteer’s Personal Book, which gives bonus points for admission to universities.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2019/08/27/opytvolonterst/