Russian goverment endorses plan to develop charity work in 2020

The Russian Government endorses a plan to develop charitable work in 2020




The plan has been prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development with the help of relevant federal executive agencies and organisations.


The Government has approved an action plan on Guidelines for Assisting the Development of Charitable Activities in the Russian Federation to be implemented in 2019-2020. The Ministries involved are: Economic Development, Finance, Justice, Health, Science and Higher Education and Culture and will work with other agencies.


Promoting charity work in general


Under the plan, charities will be accorded special status. They will be able to hold auctions under a new simplified system and pay loans funded from donations if the loan is given to an organisation to carry out its statutory responsibilities, and provided the donors agree to it.


The Russian Interior Ministry will also develop proposals to effectively prevent and clamp down on the activities of fraudsters who claim to raise money for charity.


Agencies are also being asked to offer ideas on how to devise a system of staff training to help charities in their work, together with developing educational programmes for universities and project training for managers and specialists working for charities.


A coordinating council responsible for promoting charitable activities is to be established by the start of next February, with the Ministry of Economic Development tasked with gathering examples of best practice and preparing guidelines on cooperation between executive agencies and charities by next April.


Agencies plan to develop proposals to improve law enforcement procedures by the end of 2020 to resolve conflicts of interest that can arise in relation to NGO activities, as well as enhancing State oversight of the work of NGOs in situations “which may threaten their future activities” (including inaction on behalf of Government authorities).


For individuals and businesses


The Ministries of Economic Development and Finance have been asked to come up with proposals in February on tax relief which citizens and businesses who make charity donations can pass on to NGOs (paragraph 14).


Plans will also be drawn up to make it easier for people to make regular charity donations via their bank accounts. The Ministries of Finance and Economic Development, in collaboration with the Bank of Russia, will submit a report on this to Government next February.


For the regions


A letter will be sent to Russian entities next July to determine how effectively the regions are using “tax relief on profits and assets accrued by NGOs”.

The Ministries of Finance and Economic Development will put together guidance material which will explain how charities can reduce the level of tax on profit and receive tax relief on NGO assets.


Foreign organisations


In addition, there are plans next February to compile lists of foreign and international organisations whose grants are non-taxable and not counted as income of Russian NGOs that are in receipt of these subsidies.


In April next year, executive agencies, in consultation with the Ministry of the Interior, will discuss how to extend collaboration with international and foreign charities.