October 2018 bulletin


                  Monthly Bulletin No. 103     October 2018


Book now! BEARR Trust Annual Conference, 16 November: “Disability and Inclusion in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” – programme and booking form here

New! BEARR Newsletter 71 – read it here

“Putin’s Russia and the Ghosts of the Past”, BEARR Trust Annual Lecture with Shaun Walker.  Report shortly here

BEARR Small Grants Scheme 2018: results here


Grants and Competitions

Grants for NGOs supporting family values.  Deadline: 15 November.  More here

US/Russia grants for social experts.  Deadline: 18 November.  More here


News from the Region

Discussions on World Mental Health Day in Russia.  More here

Many IDPs in Ukraine suffer from mental health issues. More here

Ombudsman: children with disabilities not welcome in Russian schools.  More here

Many IDPs in Ukraine suffer from mental health issues.  More here

CAF reports on 25 years of social change in Russia.  More here

Perspektiva presents research on employment of disabled people.  More here

Public Chamber discusses draft law on social services.  More here

Volunteering centres to be formed in 50 Russian regions.  More here

Review of social advertising on Russian TV channels.  More here

Living together: how NGOs interact with local residents.  More here

Children without permanent registration denied kindergarten places.  More here

Rules to be tightened for Russian NGOs dealing with HIV. More hereand here

Public Chamber launches nationwide survey of charity.  More here

Charity laundry for the homeless to open in Moscow.  More here

Social entrepreneurs in Russia can sell their products on eBay.  More here

Tightening up on charity fraudsters.  More here

Competition to encourage inclusive education in Russia.  More here

Professional Standards Charter for Russian carers.  More here

Amendments to the Russian law on fostering rejected. More here

All-Russia forum for ‘silver volunteers’.  More here

Hospice helps parents who have lost a child.  More here

State Prizes for charity workers and rights defenders.  More here

Strategy for volunteer doctors under discussion.  More here

Russian cities rated for charitable giving – donations down. More here

Modern slavery in Russia.  More here

Call for more checks on Russian penal colonies.  More here

Free treatment extended to more rare diseases in Russia.  More here

Some Russian universities ignore rights of disabled students.  More here

Stricter rules on registering subsidiaries of foreign NGOs.  More hereand here

New manual on care for children with severe developmental disabilities. More here

Presidential Grants Foundation to run seminars for NGOs.  More here


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