BEARR Small Grants Scheme 2007

The 2007 scheme was devoted to homelessness, specifically to projects to assist young homeless people to reintegrate into society.

Many interesting applications were received, including from NGOs from as far away as Udmurtia. Five were short-listed by BEARR’s Selection Panel and final choice was endorsed by BEARR’s Trustees.

Two projects were awarded grants:

1) New Social Solutions, St Petersburg: for information materials designed to help create a Homeless Street Football League throughout Russia.

2) Nochlezhka, St Petersburg, with Shelter UK: for training in campaigning and publicity for NGOs and others working with homeless people in North-West and Central Russia. For a report on this project click here.

The scheme additionally supports young people leaving the orphan village at Kitezh for further education at vocational or university level.

A report on the Kitezh project appeared in Newsletter No 49, and of the New Social Solutions project in Newsletter No 50.

The 2007 scheme was sponsored by the Moscow office of the law firm Baker Botts.

The call for bids was as follows:

Addressing homelessness in Russia: achieving a wider impact

Under its Small Grants Scheme 2007, the BEARR Trust invites proposals that seek to achieve a wider impact on the challenge of helping young people who are homeless or in institutions to take a normal place in Russian society.

What are the aims and criteria of the Scheme?

The BEARR Trust dedicated its Annual Conference in November 2006 to the challenge of homelessness in Russia and Eurasia. Presentations described initiatives and projects that seek to improve the future for particular groups of homeless in the region (for a full report click here).

However, the Trust believes there is a large gap between such initiatives and the scale of homelessness. The 2007 Small Grants Scheme aims to help bridge that gap, by supporting activities that involve one or more of the following:

  • Encourage sharing of experience and learning among Russian NGOs involved with the homeless
  • Disseminate good practice more widely
  • Facilitate cooperation and/or coordination among Russian NGOs working with homeless people
  • Draw on successful projects to improve awareness, to influence policy, or to engage public institutions in addressing homelessness
  • Propose other, imaginative, ways of achieving the Scheme’s aim

Who can apply?

European non-governmental organisations active in Russia and/or Russian NGOs. Partnerships are encouraged

How much money is available?

The BEARR Trust expects to have available about ?5000 during 2007, which will be payable in instalments rather than as a single grant. The Trust may wish to support more than one initiative through the scheme, so proposals within the range ?1000-?5000 are requested. Awards will be made on a matching basis, and not exceed 50% of the overall cost of a proposal