BEARR-CEELBAS forum March 2013

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56f61bAudience 1web“The Arts and Attitudes to Disability in Eastern Europe”

On 22 March 2013 BEARR held a half-day forum on this subject in conjunction with the academic consortium CEELBAS.

Speakers included:

Irena Yasina, high-profile Russian journalist and disability campaigner

Denise Roza, Director of Perspektiva, which runs an annual disability film festival

Jose Alaniz (Seattle), on the portrayal of disability in the visual arts

Oliver Ready (Oxford), on mental disability in modern Russian literature

Claire Shaw (Bristol), on deafness in post-Soviet film

Artur Kocharyan (Konotop, UKraine), on understanding through art

For the full programme please click here. For the speakers’ biographies, click here.

For the report please click here.

Speakers’ presentations:

Jose Alaniz

Artur Kocharyan

Claire Shaw

Denise Roza

And here is a link to a short film about disability, sent to us by Arkady Tyurin of “New Social Solutions” which produces a street newspaper inSt Petersburg, Russia, called Put Domoi (The Way Home). It was made within the project “Takoe Kino” (“Such Movie”) with the participation of disabled (blind and paralysed) people.