Пожалуйста, скажите, чтобы вы думаете о нашем журнале?

BEARR Trust приглашает вас поделиться любыми предложениями и комментариями, которые у вас могут быть, в отношении нашего журнала, выходящего два раза в год.


Dear Friends and supporters,

The BEARR Trust has been producing a biannual newsletter for a number of years, keeping readers in touch with our news and events, health and welfare updates from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as stories from our Small Grants Scheme winners.  We would now like to consider how to develop the newsletter in the future. As readers of the publication, your help would be invaluable in making this happen. We are asking for any comments or suggestions that you might have!

We would like to know:
Regarding content  

– What you enjoy about the latest newsletter.

– What you would like to read more or less about, in the publication.

Regarding ease of reading 

– What you think of the newsletter’s appearance – what changes to its presentation the could newsletter benefit from.

– Whether you would be interested in having the option of reading our newsletter online, as an interactive publication on our website, or whether you prefer a paper format.

In addition to this, any other suggestions or comments are welcome!

Please send us an e-mail at info@bearr.org, by the end of August if possible, In English or Russian.

With best wishes and many thanks for your help and support,

The BEARR Trust.