The BEARR Trust: Supporting vulnerable people in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus

Children at the SOS Children’s Villages, Yerevan, Armenia, recipients of a grant from the BEARR Trust in 2017

Latest news from BEARR

  •  The BEARR bulletin for June 2018 is out. Read it here.
  •  The BEARR Trust’s Small Grants in 2018 – details of the results are here 
  • The incidence of HIV/AIDS infection is increasing faster in Eastern Europe than anywhere else in the world? This was the topic at The BEARR Trust’s annual conference on 10 November – photos and presentations now available. More
  • The latest BEARR Newsletter is available – read it here
  • BEARR’s 2017 annual lecture was held on 26 June on the theme of “Russia: The Power of a Narrative” – speaker Arkady Ostrovsky – read a report of what he said here

The BEARR Trust is a UK-based organisation set up to help children and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus. We help small NGOs working in health and social welfare to build know-how, skills and contacts.

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